Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Aishwarya rai's photoshoot with harpers and queen

Sanjay dutt gets six years improsnment-but should feel lucky

On a fateful tuesday, Bollywood Star sanjay dutt was sentenced to rigurous imprsionment of six years act for his illegal possesion of weapons that were given to him by a gangster as a gift for security.I wonder who needs security with an AK 47
and couple of hand grenades and a pistol.Before sentencing Sanjay judge had few scathing remarks to make on Sanjay about his alleged relation with Dawood and the party.And to make the matters worse, he plea for probation was also rejected.This seems to have come as shock to sanjay dutt, who was taken aback and told the judge, that he was not in a mental state to go to the jail

Electronic media seems to have gone nutts since the news came out, they are reporting it as if there is nothing else in the world.Some are bussy showing old footage of Sanjay dutt when he was first sent to jail, others are running interviews with the Sanjay's friends from industry, who are all singing his praises and think unjust thing has happened and court was too harsh on the actor.Even the so called fans are protesting in some places, which is again reported by media.But, I, for think that Sanjay was bloody lucky that he wasn't booked under TADA, which would have meant spending large amount of his life behind the bars.But the judge was rather kind that he only convicted Sanjay dutt under Arms act which was ridiculous in the first place.Don't get me wrong, I got nothing against the actor, on the contrary I quite enjoy his movies.I'm just saying what is right

Let me explain
So, why booking Sanju baba under only Arms act was plain ridiculous?
Since, my dad is also happen to be COP, so I know little bit about the law.Most of the people who are booked under Arms act in india, are caught with anything between pistol or any other hand gun, but if you are happened to be caught with an AK 47 (and couple of hand grenades)things get quite complicated.Infact they will be thrown into jail, no questions asked and termed as a Terrorist. , and if they were to get that gun from some gangster, who would be responsible for killing 100s of innocent people.Than I don't think anyone would buy the theory that 'I was naive and bla bla and made a small mistake'.And where did that gun came from, ofcourse from where that RDX that took the life of innocent people, there is a possibility that Sanjay might have known about the blasts.Even if he didn't, had he informed the police about his alleged gift, than catastrophe might have been stopped

So my point is, rich and famous always get away with the law.If it wasn't Sanjay dutt, than that person would have spent most part of his life in the prison

Monday, July 30, 2007

Shilpa shetty's S2 Fragrance ranks no. 1 in UK

Shilpa shetty's very recently launched S2 fragnance seems to be doing rather well then what Shilpa had expected, infact it is right now no.1 seller in UK.Life hasn't been the same since she won the Big brother

Hillarious! Must Watch** John Abraham Goof ups!

Amrita Reveals Secrets To Her Healthy Hair

Petite Bollywood actress Amrita Rao awarded the winners of the Parachute Advanced Hair Perfect Contest at Infinity Mall. She also revealed her secrets to her beautiful mane. The audience listened with rapt attention as Amrita let them in on all her tips and routines to her perfect looking hair. The lucky winners were seen interacting with the actress and received Parachute Advanced Hair Perfect Gift hampers along with Amrita Rao autographed T-shirts.

Sonali kulkarni launches baggit store

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Urmila mantondkar's sexy new look in Mehbooba song

The Mehbooba song was shot secretly but the picture did some how got leak, but now the pictures have been released officialy, even the promos of the song can be seen on the TV.I can't say about Helen, but Urmila is definetly looking hotter than Mallika who did her little jig in Himesh reshamiya's Aap ka surror

Friday, July 27, 2007

Find the 100 Hidden MOVIES

I did managed to find out quite a few, but haven't reached the century yet

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The story about Akshay and Twinkle spliting was a rumour

Just recently the news of alleged break up between Akshay kumar and Twinkle khanna had made headlines on the net, after it was first published by one of mumbai's tabloid that couple had called it quits and Akshay was virtually thrown out of the house because of his alleged relationship with some girl and Twinkle had caught him red handed.Both Akshay and Twinkle had shunned these rumours and they are contemplating suing the tabloid

Says an annoyed Akshay Kumar, “The article is a clear representation of careless and irresponsible journalism. The freedom of press comes with responsibilities, which seems to have been put aside to give way to shock value journalism”.“We have never reacted to what is written about us because we are happy in our own little world and have never felt the need to prove anything to anyone. But people are taking advantage of our silence to slander us and write things without an iota of truth, which we shall not accept anymore. Furthermore this has been done with a clear mandate to tarnish and damage our image”, explains Akshay.

“We are aware that we are public figures and accept and understand that we would be in constant public glare, but we definitely have an objection to baseless and incorrect stories based on a figment of imagination.”

Naseerudin shah kisses British actress Greta Scacchi

Jag Mohan Mundhra who has shot an intimate kissing scene between Naseeruddin Shah and a British actress Greta Scacchi in his forthcoming film Shoot On Sight.The guy who previously directed Aishwarya in her last english flick provoked.Shoot On Sight is based on the life of a real cop. It is the story of an Asian Muslim cop in London, who after decades of service to Britain finds his loyalty being questioned.

Naseer portrays the role of Commander Tariq Ali, who is married to an English woman played by Greta Scacchi. The film’s starcast includes Indian and British actors like Om Puri, Brian Cox, Gulshan Grover, Stephen Greif, Laila Rouass, Sadie Frost and Pakistani actor Mikaal Zulfikar. The film has been produced by Arun Govil and expected t

Katrina kaif inaugurating khazana jewellery

Attending a press meet before inaugurating the ‘Khazana Jewellery’ in the Manglore city she said “commercial films give more push-up. Later one should look for art films. Hence, I would like to continue as an entertainer.”



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